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Welcome to the internet home of Lasersmith Light Show Systems.  For over twenty years, Lasersmith has proven its position as a leader in professional laser entertainment, laser show equipment design, manufacturing, maintenance and related services for a large number of clients in a variety of  industries.  Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Yakima, Washington, with a representative in Glendale, California, Lasersmith delivers cutting-edge laser show technology throughout the United States.

Laser Beams during a laser light show at Sasquatch Music Festival
Lasersmith's Production Department goes the extra mile in providing a top-quality program on-time and within budget.  We can provide a complete, turn-key laser show production, including storyboarding, sound, lighting and projection screen design.  The laser light show is controlled by our proprietary, automated show control system which can script and control the entire production, from multiple laser projector activity to the control of a venue's lighting, special effects and fog systems.  

Laser Show Equipment Design - Lasersmith Light Show Systems laser show control rack.

Lasersmith's automated show systems simplify laser show development and setup, keeping the cost of production at a reasonable, competitive price when compared to other forms of production entertainment.  We have a wide variety of laser show systems, from small ballroom or convention systems to large-scale outdoor systems, capable of projecting on the face of a hillside or national monument.  Unlike companies with only a few systems available, we can customize a production with the right amount of equipment within the client's budgetary needs. 

laser light show image, Laser show produced in Las Vegas, NV   

A laser show will leave a strong and lasting impression on those who attend your next product launch, corporate presentation, holiday event or organizational gathering.  Laser shows are an excellent, affordable way to entertain large groups prior to or during your main event. Whether you are planning a convention, trade show, theme park production or your own creative needs, Lasersmith will produce it with "laser-sharp" precision.  Thanks for visiting the home page of Lasersmith Light Show Systems.  Please feel free to
contact us with any production ideas you may have.

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